How do I sign in to the MyLowesLife employee portal?
How do I recover my Myloweslife employee account?
How do I change my MyLowesLife password?

Help and FAQ for Myloweslife.

Start the Myloweslife employee login process here. Accessing your Lowe’s payslips, work schedule and benefits is easy. This page should answer all your questions. Login.

The official Lowes employee login page, for current employees, can be found at:

You will need to know your person Lowe’s Sales Number, as well as your Password.

Login for former Lowe’s Employees.

Former Lowe’s ex-employees have to log in at at a different page:

The page will re-direct you to the correct login page.

I Have Lost/Forgotten My Myloweslife Password/User ID.

If you have forgotten your Myloweslife User Name or Password, then go to the Account Reset page here.

Clink on “Forgot User ID or Password?” under the bottom login field, if the password reset page does not open.

  1. Then Enter the Last 4 Digits of your Social Security Number.
  2. Enter your Birth Date.
  3. Click on Continue, and follow the instructions.

A Myloweslife Password must consist of:

  • At least one lower-case character
  • At least one upper-case character
  • At least one number
  • At least one special character

Myloweslife Security Questions.

To quickly access Myloweslife, when you have forgotten or lsot your password, you can answer 3 security questions that you chose at registration. Your answers must match exactly with the answer in the system.

If you have set up security questions and answers, then lose your password, you can’t access Myloweslife until you request and then receive your  new password. If you do not have an email address on file in the Myloweslife portal, you will get a new password in the port.

If you still cannot access your Myloweslife account, then contact Myloweslife HR.


How do I Log In to Kronos From the Kronos App?

You can access Lowes Kronos from the Kronos app by downloading the Kronos App from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Once installed on your device, simply open the app and sign in to Lowes Kronos using your Myloweslife login credentials. You can then view your Lowe’s work schedule in the app.

What is the Lowes Kronos Server Name?

When youuse the Kronos App, the system will ask you for Lowe’s server name. This was sent to you via email by your manager or the HR department. Lowe’s server name for the Kronos App is:


  1. Wendell Sensing

    I cannot log into my Kronos at home on my Chromebook to check my schedule

      • ronald L allen

        am a current employee and cannot log into kronos. It takes my employee info then my schedule along with the panel on the right side however when I try to get into open shifts and so one nothing comes up. It is giving me a message on screen took to long to respond and another message unable to connect.

    • joon cuch

      i cannot login into myloweslife because i answered the security question wrong and the other 2 right i just need to reset the one security question


    please send me a reason why I can not log in kronos
    thank you
    frank fernandez

  3. Gina Lacinski

    I keep getting a message I am locked out.

  4. Donna Gasparo

    i can not log into my lowes

  5. Clifton Kerns

    Can’t log in to myloweslife at home password expired on vaction

  6. Lisa ward

    I guess my question is do part-time employees get any type of pay for time loss of a sibling?

  7. elizabeth scott

    I can not login to to get to Kronos

  8. Esperanza Castro

    Hello I need a copy of my W2. Not able to login

  9. Joel Klinkenborg

    mylowes card will not scan request new card

  10. susan lell

    i work at store 2228 and have for 3 years now. i just checked for my schedule a few days ago and the site was working fine. i forgot to write the dates down for the next 2 weeks and need to see my schedule. i have tried my employee number and password 12 times and tried for days now, and cannot get in. the IT dept said they could not find me on file at all. corporate said the same thing. they said i needed HR or someone to tell me what is the reason. so what is the reason i cannot get into kronos? i need my password reset.

  11. alberto manzanilla

    i want to print my w2 form but i cant be able to log in to hr.
    how can i print it
    alberto manzanilla


    My login is locked out, never been able to access my schedule at home. Current employee, full time please assist.

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